With leading restaurants such as Nandos, Jamie’s Italian and Michelin starred establishments producing very varied foods, you’d think they would all use completely different catering equipment. Not quite. It seems that they’re all using Adande behind the kitchen doors. But why is it they have all gone for Adande?
Here are the 6 main reasons why

 1. Ergonomically Efficient 
No one wants a cluttered kitchen and so Adande produce a wide range of ergonomically efficient products. Their Adande compact Unit range allows small spaces and corners to be used effectively. Other models can be specified to hold catering equipment on top, allowing you to stack equipment, like a Rational oven for example, and maximise the footprint that way.

2. Reduce Food Wastage
Food is kept hydrated with no condensation build up in the Adande drawer system. When in freezer mode, there are no ice crystals, clumping or freezer burn. Perfect for minimal wastage.

3. Stable Holding Temperature
Adande pride themselves in making refrigeration equipment that is excellent at holding stable temperatures. Especially during busy service periods, temperatures remain constant and reliable.

 4. Easy to Clean and Maintain
Everyone’s favourite part of catering: cleaning and maintenance. With one removable insulated tub, Adande products are easy to clean and maintain. Drawer seals are hidden so they cannot be damaged and Adande even guarantee the seals for two years, unlike any other manufacturer.

5. Eco Friendly
In 2017 we are all watching our carbon footprint and Adande are extremely energy efficient. Hot air expenditure is minimised and provides cooler kitchen environments. This means fridge motors and compressors last longer with reduced energy and maintenance bills.

6. Consistent Product
The most important element of catering: the product. Why do globally renowned restaurants and chefs use Adande? Because they manufacture reliable, quality products, that perform. Resulting in excellent food storage, keeping your produce safe and fresh.

To see the full range in more detail visit https://www.eco-catering-equipment.co.uk/adande/
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