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Eco service standard

Eco Catering Equipment aims to deliver the best product for your business needs. We actively promote the use of more eco friendly equipment in the commercial hospitality environment. The impact and environmental friendliness of a product can be defined through various methods; manufacturing process, parts sourced, type of materials used, logistics (distance travelled) and individual performance.

Eco Catering Equipment’s excellent reputation is built upon its product knowledge, customer service and the environmental understanding of the products it sells. This is at the heart of everything we do. Our growing success is based on our ability to not only move with the times, but stay ahead of market trends.

In 2014 Eco Catering Equipment made a major investment into the business and rebranded the company. This marked a significant commitment to our business, helped us to refocus on our core values, the overall customer experience, our delivery model and our continued service support. With updated and refreshed systems in place the entire process from order to delivery is improved, resulting in an ever improving experience for the most important aspect of our business - the customer.

For any further information on the company or product requirements, please email us at or talk to a member of the Eco team on +44 (0)01582 232 986.

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The team can supply you with extensive knowledge, support and products that are relevant to your business model. Whether operating a hotel, restaurant, pub, we can help you deliver success.


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